Stacy London's Style Secrets

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Stacy London

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Stacy London's Style Secrets

A new season does not mean an entirely new wardrobe—especially when you’re on a budget! What Not to Wear’s Stacy London tells us about spring’s most-flattering styles. These simple strategies will help you update your look without spending a bundle.

Lighten up
Work with what you have in your closet by layering, accessorizing, mixing and matching. When you do buy new pieces, shop in outfits since you can always take off a layer when it warms up. Look for mid-weight, three-season fabrics. You get more bang for your buck with a capsule wardrobe.

Layer it
Layering isn’t just about keeping you warm, it also adds visual interest. Try putting a long sleeve tee under a shorter sleeve version in neutral shades. This works best with fitted, semi-sheer cotton shirts. Cardigans are another way to add color and depth to an outfit. It’s a casual alternative to a jacket, pulling together an ensemble. “Almost every outfit looks more put together and tailored when you throw on a layer,” says Stacy.

Trench tips
Invest in a trench since it works year round. Give this classic coat a twist by pairing it with different accessories like scarves or boots. Tired of your basic black or beige? Colorful versions offer a fresh take on this timeless piece. A belted waistline creates an attractive silhouette.

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