Stacy London's Style Secrets

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Stacy London

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Stacy London's Style Secrets

Denim dos
Jeans are seasonless, but don’t get caught up in the latest trends and hottest brands. Instead, find a cut that’s right for your body. “The most universally flattering shape is a straight leg or a small boot-cut with a mid rise––about two finger widths under the belly button,” says Stacy. For the longest, leanest leg line, look for a uniformly dark wash. Care tip: Always turn your jeans inside out and wash with a gentle detergent, such as Woolite For All Darks, to keep from fading.

Blazer basics
A blazer works as a transition piece that can take you from season to season and day to night. Look for a structured cut that accentuates your waistline. It can turn a casual outfit like T-shirt and jeans into a dressier look.

Wrap it up
The wrap dress is a stylish and versatile piece that every woman should have in her closet. Wear a cami under styles with deep v-necks during the day, then take it off for a night out. “Look for a dress that wraps at the smallest part of your waistline for the most flattering shape,” says Stacy. “You want to create an hourglass shape, even if it’s not your body type.”

Accessories are a smart way to update your wardrobe because they’re available at any price point. You can’t go wrong with a chunky necklace, oversized sunglasses or gladiator sandals.

For more of Stacy’s style secrets, check out FindTheLookKeepTheLook.com.

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