How to Get Bikini-Ready like Nina Dobrev

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The Vampire Diaries Star Nina Dobrev

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Whether she's heating up the small screen on the CW smash The Vampire Diaries or winning the red carpet at the latest big Hollywood event, Nina Dobrev knows how to flaunt her figure.

As a former competitive gymnast, the 24-year-old actress is super strong with a healthy attitude to match. “When I work out, I feel happy, confident, and accomplished,” she told Seventeen Magazine.

So how exactly does she get that body? Surfing, spinning, and hot yoga come into play. Plus, she gets expertly trained by Steve Moyer of The Moyer Method. Read on to find out what workouts he prescribes.

SHAPE: What type of training are you doing with Nina?
Steve Moyer (SM): We focus on core work and all-around fitness: strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, and endurance. Workouts with any client of mine are typically one hour.

SHAPE: Did Nina have any specific fitness goals when you started working together?
SM: She wanted to focus on core work. When Nina came to me, she was already in fantastic shape. I merely gave her some helpful tips on things she could do on her own, both with fitness and with eating.

SHAPE: What is she like to train with?
SM: Devoted, focused, self-motivated. It sounds so cliché, but she truly is a pleasure to work with because she has such a warm personality and works so hard when we're together.

SHAPE: What type of nutritional plan do you recommend for her?
SM: She has sampled my meal delivery service, MoyerMeals, and is a fan of our Superfood Protein Balls. I stress a diet that is balanced. It's not no-carb or low-carb; it's correct-carb (for all I know, I coined this term). Very few processed foods. Lots of vegetables. No diet should be too restrictive. For all the people out there against calorie counting, you really can't progress in your knowledge of nutrition until you understand your body's relationship to calories. It's calorie awareness, not calorie counting.

Want to achieve a tighter midsection and more shapely legs, just like Nina? Moyer shared an exercise routine that will have you looking super strong, super fit, and bikini-ready in no time. Check it out on the next page!

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