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Get a Body Like Gwen Stefani

The sexy singer’s former personal trainer reveals his foolproof plan.

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How Naomie Harris Got in Butt-Kicking Shape for Skyfall

The new flick’s stunt coordinator reveals her 007 training secrets.

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Celeb Secrets to a Slim, Strong Shape

Hollywood’s top trainer Valerie Waters shares 5 tips for head-turning bod.

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Do You Have to Run to Lose Weight?

Some say yes, some say no. Celeb trainer Joe Dowdell settles the debate now!

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Sculpt a Back That Looks Like This!

Celeb trainer Joe Dowdell's 3 favorite moves for a strong, sexy back.

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#1 Reason Your Workout's Not Working

Hint: It has nothing to do with your time in the gym!

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4 Fitness Tools Top Trainers Swear By

These high-tech devices can take your workout (and body) to a whole new level!

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How Pink Stays in Rock-Star Shape

Get the recipe for the super shake that keeps her rockin’ away, day to day!

Jillian's 15 Most Inspiring Quotes Ever

Words of wisdom to help you stay motivated—in the gym, at work, anywhere.

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