What's Cookin' with Gabrielle Reece

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What's Cookin' with Gabrielle Reece

What’s Cookin’ in Gabby’s Workout:

The pro volleyball player, model and TV personality admits she’s “always pretty rigorous” when it comes to her training, working out six days per week.  On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays she enjoys pool training with her husband, big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton.

Using dumbbells while immersed in 12 to 13 feet of water, the couple train by doing an assortment of jumps and other dynamic moves off the bottom of the pool.

“It’s really good because it’s explosive training without the impact. You also have to deal with holding your breath and the rhythm of breathing,” Reece reveals. “If someone is training for sports or for life, there’s moments where you’re uncomfortable so this creates a logic path on how to deal with that.”

In addition to her pool workouts, Reece also teaches circuit classes to her friends at no charge. “I enjoy it because it’s a way I can continue to learn. I have to keep bringing new ideas and new material so I can continuously be a student and thus be a better leader,” she says.

When she’s not working out in her pool or teaching free circuits, Reece enjoys taking Barre Control classes with founder/owner Michelle Vrakelos at M6 Fitness.  

A professional dancer and well-known trainer, Vrakelos describes her class as “like ballet on crack!” A fusion of ballet and intense athletics, Barre Control “works your booty like you’ve never felt before, and it’s great for your back and arms!” Vrakelos laughs. “All I do is sit up and think of new moves to torture people!”

Reece began taking the class at M6 Fitness three years ago to work on her flexibility, which she admits is one of her weaknesses.

“When you go to Michelle’s class, you feel her genuineness and passion for what she’s doing,” Reece says. “I felt comfortable with her and thought it would be a good thing to add to my physical fitness repertoire that would make some of my weaknesses just a little bit better.” What was it like for Vrakelos to work with one of the most talented female athletes in the world?

“Gabby is amazing. She’s the most down-to-earth person on the planet,” Vrakelos says. “She’s in phenomenal shape and every time she walks into that classroom she’s all into it and keeps smiling the entire time!”

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