What's Cookin' with Gabrielle Reece

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What's Cookin' with Gabrielle Reece

What’s Cookin’ in Gabby’s Diet:

Reece “isn’t a big drinker” so she avoids alcohol, as well as too many processed products, grains and wheat.  She’s also cut back on red meat but still eats animal protein to fuel her machine during her rigorous workouts.

Juices, sodas and athletic drinks (which are loaded with calories and sugar) are also off limits. “I always say eat your sugar, don’t drink your sugar!” Reece says.

For the occasional splurge, pure chocolate is her thing. “With something like cookies, not only do you have sugar -- but you also have flour,” the professional athlete says. “If I’m going to splurge then I’m going to do it so that it hurts the least but I still enjoy it.”

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