What's Cookin' with Gabrielle Reece

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What's Cookin' with Gabrielle Reece

What’s Cookin’ in Gabby’s Career:

For the past six years, Reece has been building an incredible online fitness portal with her website, Offering healthy recipes, workout tips, instructional fitness videos and much more, the site is a true inspiration for both women and men striving to live a healthy, fit lifestyle.

“One of the reasons I created the site was for women who have no time, can’t afford to go to the gym or who don’t have anyone supporting them on their quest,” Reece says. “With a pair of dumbbells and 20 minutes we can show them what to do in their own house.”

Creating true, valuable relationships with others is something the down-to-earth beauty does best. “In order to do the best job I can do, I need to be out there in social media so I can get the feedback I need to help others.”

Her advice to women on how to live the fit, healthy lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of? “I feel like women will put everyone, anything and everything above their own well-being. I kind of have a mantra about having a good-selfish, so women need to be good-selfish when it comes to their health,” Reece advises.

“Find a female friend that inspires you and is a positive person so you can surround yourself with those types of people, because it makes things a lot easier!”

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