Carrie Underwood's Awesome Arms Workout

The country crooner can bang out chin-ups like a boss, and with these tips, you can too!

You Can Look Like Heidi Klum at the Gym

The model and TV host released her spring/summer New Balance collection. Get the deets on the cute looks, plus her go-to workout and the one food she’ll never give up.

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Emma Watson's Newest Career Move

The accomplished actress and ivy-league scholar has added a surprising new certification to her resume.

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Biggest Loser Winner Gains 20 Pounds

After shocking the world with her extreme weight loss, she’s now at her “perfect weight,” she says. Great, but is the show helping or harming women and our body image?

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Bikini Body Secrets of SI Swimsuit Models

Learn the workouts that help them rock the teeniest 2-pieces, plus a sure-fire tip to fall asleep in seconds.

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Mindy Kaling’s Best Quotes

She loves fashion and food, goes to barre, and rocks a crop top. If she isn't already your celeb BFF, she will be after you read this!

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Naomi Campbell's Top 2 Beauty Essentials

Our April cover model reveals her secret to flawless skin, diet, and more in this behind-the-scenes video of her photo shoot.

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What Emma Watson Hates About the Fashion Industry

The always-gorgeously dressed Noah star is speaking out against the biz and explaining why she looks forward to aging.

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Can We Stop Body-Shaming Lena Dunham?

See what Joan Rivers said about the actress’s weight, plus get the dessert Lucy Hale loves and Charlize Theron's go-to workout.

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