Wide-grip Barbell Bench Press

The wide-grip barbell bench press is a variation to the traditional bench press. Due to the wider grip, the emphasis of the exercise is placed on the front of the shoulders and outer portion of the chest.

Step by step instructions

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Exercise Steps 1


Lie on your back on a flat bench. Grasp a barbell with an overhand grip that's wider than shoulder-width apart and hold it above your chest with fully extended arms.

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Exercise Steps 2


Lower the bar in a controlled fashion, until it descends to your chest. Keep your elbows tucked to your side forming a 45-degree angle. Pause, and then press the bar in a straight line back up to the starting position.

Mistakes and Tips

  1. Do not hyper extend the neck. Maintain a neutral long spine.
  2. Do not bounce the bar off of the chest. Lower the bar with control.

Advanced Variations