Is This the Best Yoga Mat?

Find out which mat was recently ranked No. 1—and four other options equally as great!

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The Real Reason You’re Not Climaxing

A new study offers a solution that'll help you orgasm every time.


A Crowd-Pleasing Lollapalooza Playlist

Get pumped up for your next workout with a preview of the most exciting acts at this weekend's festival.

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The Top 10 Fears Marathoners Share

Signing up for your first 26.2 can be scary. But armed with our advice, you can make sure these common concerns don’t hold you back on (or before) race day!

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The Pre-Travel Workout

Pack these moves into your routine before a long flight or drive to ward off muscle stiffness en route and set a healthy tone for your entire trip.

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This Woman is Running 53 Marathons in 53 Days

It's possible, but quite a feat. See how she aims to do it.

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What to Know Before You Sign Up for a Fun Run

After a BBB warning about several cancelled races, one expert shares how to protect yourself—and your wallet.

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Spanx Has Expanded to Skinny Jeans

To promote "thigh-thinning construction." We don't think we'll be wearing them, how about you?

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