What's Really Behind the Impending Lime Shortage

Bad weather, cartel violence in Mexico, and more strange factors are all putting the squeeze on production of this citrus fruit.


Look Great Naked Workout

Disrobe any insecurities you have about your body and tone every inch in just 10 minutes. (And leave the lights on tonight!)

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What Moms Want Their Daughters to Know

Real women share their best advice for their daughters on life, love, and growing up in this must-watch video.

Map Shows Best, Worst States to Get Pregnant

Check out the top places to live if you’re struggling to conceive, according to a new “fertility scorecard.”

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Powdered Alcohol May Soon Hit Shelves

But don't get too excited yet: Apparently its approval was a "mistake." Get more details here!

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Teen Girls Find Sexual Violence Normal, Study Says

A sobering new study shows that teen girls think sexual violence is normal. Here's the sex conversation you need to have with your daughter, STAT.

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CrossFit WOD Tips to Improve Your Next Workout

Even if you never step foot in a box, adopting a workout of the day mindset can take your fitness—and body—to the next level.

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The Next Big Fitness Trends

These 15 innovations mix up training methods to deliver sweat-inducing sessions, amazing results, and fitness that’s fun again.

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