Stress Eating Makes You Burn 100 Fewer Calories

Another reason to turn to exercise, not comfort food, to nix anxiety (though you likely won’t gain 11 pounds, as some reports say).

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Are IUDs Upping Your Breast Cancer Risk?

A new study explains the link between certain forms of contraception and cancer.

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Sex Toy Called Gaga Looks for STIs

This "intelligent" video camera vibrator performs double duty.

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Can You Tell a Real Orgasm From an Act?

You may be able to fool your guy, but did you ever wonder how good your O detector is?

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What Kind of Damage Does the World’s Spiciest Burger Do to Your Body?

British reporters who tried the XXX Hot Chilli Burger ended up in the hospital. Could the same happen if you love hot foods?

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Would You Want to Read Your Therapist’s Notes?

Knowledge is power: Why some hospitals and clinician’s offices are opening their books to mental health patients.

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NSFW: Cara Delevingne Shares "TaTa Top" Photo

The model and social media influencer continues to support the #FreeTheNipple movement with this Insta photo.

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The Top 10 Cities to Be Your Own Top Chef

Need some help in the kitchen? These areas across the U.S.A. are your best bet for whipping up tasty home-cooked meals.

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