The Workout You Never Knew You Needed

Feel stronger on every run and get more from strength sessions with these 5 moves that build crucial balance.

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5 Easy Ways to Be Instantly Happier

Random acts of kindness and volunteering can backfire—find out why, and what you can do to change the outcome.

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The Real Risks of Long-Distance Running

For all the good running does for you, it’s often in the headlines as being bad for your health. So what’s the truth?

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The Exercise He Loves to Watch You Do

America’s hottest trainers revealed which move, when done properly, makes you look sexiest and catches a guy’s attention.

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Being “Hangry” Can Hurt Your Relationship

A new study shows that hunger can inspire extreme anger in some people, often causing us to lash out at our partners.

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Lower-Body TRX Workout

Sculpt an unbelievable butt and strong thighs with this 4-exercise routine you can do outside.

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Simple Steps for Using a TRX Outdoors

Enjoy the bright spring weather while you train by setting up a suspension trainer in a tree.

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The Ultimate TRX Total-Body Workout

Sculpt your abs, arms, butt, and thighs with this full-body suspension training routine.

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