Are Personalized Fitness Assessments Worth It?

The latest fitness fad is pricey—but some say it's the key to taking your exercise routine to the next level.

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New High-Tech Treadmill Matches Your Pace

Forget the"dreadmill"—this cool fitness machine was designed to mimic the awesome feeling of an outdoor run.

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17 Things You Should Know Before Running of Your First Marathon

You will make it through, we promise!

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Kevin Carr Breaks the Record for the Fastest Run Around the Globe

...After encountering bears, wild dogs, the flu, heat stroke, and being hit by a car. How's that for fitspiration?!

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The Best Pre-Feast Workout

Got a big meal coming up? Working out a certain way beforehand could leave you burning fat for hours and hours!

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5 Beginner Running Injuries, Plus How to Dodge 'Em

Don’t wait for an injury to sideline you. Avoid (or treat) these common discomforts that plague new runners.

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12 Types of Runners You See in the Spring

The sun is shining, the snow is melting, and the trails are packed again! Watch out for these 12 types while you're out there.

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Burn More Calories After Your Workout Ends

Afterburn is not a myth! Learn how to harness the power of science to melt fat.

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"Running Helped Me Overcome Depression and Anxiety"

A good run helps this women cope with her problems.

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