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Jackie Warner's 20-Minute Calorie Blasters


Do one of these 20-minute calorie blasters every day to help 10 pounds melt away. Remember, the harder and faster you go during your cardio sessions, the more body fat you'll burn. That doesn't mean you need to take it all-out every time you do cardio, but try to ramp up the intensity at least a few times a week. Use the RPE as your intensity guide for these two workouts

Workout #1: Treadmill Walk/Run >>


Workout #2: Outdoor Walk In the Park >>


Workout #3: Elliptical Training >>

Workout #1
Treadmill Walk/Run

This workout involves four 5-minute intervals on the manual setting without holding onto the handrails. "Stay springy in your step, pump your arms, and keep your muscles tight as you walk up hills and inclines," Warner says (you'll feel it in your glutes and arms). As your body adapts, gradually increase your speed both on the run-walk intervals and on the walk recovery.

Minutes What to do RPE
0–5 Warm-up with an easy walk, increasing speed to 3 mph. During the last minute, take the incline up to 12–15% 6–7
5–7 Lower the ramp to 1% and increase speed to 4.5 to 6.5 mph (depending on your ability) 7–8
7–8 Reduce speed to 3.5 and increase incline to 3–5%. 6
8–17 Repeat minutes 5–8 three times 6–8
17–20 Reduce incline to 1% and cool down easy. 3


Get Workout #2: Outdoor Walk in the Park >>

Workout #2
Outdoor Walk in the Park

Find a hilly neighborhood or park and bring along a stopwatch to time your intervals. "Power walking or hiking up steep grades and on unpaved trails really challenges your leg muscles and your core," Warner says.

Minutes What to do RPE
0–3 Warm up easy by walking or doing jumping jacks 3
3–5 Keep your arms pumping naturally at your sides as you do walking lunges: Step out with right leg, lower until front knee is bent 90 degrees and thigh is parallel to the ground, then rise up and lunge forward with left leg. 5
5–7 Jog or hike as quickly as you can without stopping; you should be panting. 7–8
7–8 Walk or hike briskly (uphill if you can) and catch your breath; this should not be a casual stroll! 6
8–18 Repeat minutes 3–8 twice. 5–8
18–20 Walk or hike easy to cool down. 3–4


Get Workout #3: Elliptical Training >>

Workout #3
Elliptical Training

This plan was designed for the elliptical trainer and stationary bike, but toad adapt it to other machines and activities, simply use the rate of perceived exertion.

Minutes What to do RPE
0–3 Warm up, using resistance that feels challenging but still allows you to move at a quick clip: level 4-5 on the elliptical and level 3-4 on the bike 3-4
3–5 Keep up the quick pace, but add resistance: 7-9 on the elliptical and 5-7 on the bike. You should be struggling slightly to maintain the speed 7-8
5–6 Decrease the resistance a level or two to catch your breath 6
6–18 Repeat minutes 3 to 6 four times 6-8
18-20 Cool down, then stretch


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