1. Jump Rope Drills

Grab a jump rope and get to work! Use this portable and super-effective piece of cardio equipment to torch calories and develop agility and coordination--all while you tone up your legs, butt, shoulders, and arms.

Jump Rope Drills Chart

Click here for a printable PDF of this workout plan.

Exercise Descriptions
Crossover jump: Jump rope as usual and then cross your arms in front of you while the rope is in the air. This will shift the rope-turning work from your biceps to your shoulders and forearms.
Ladder drill: Fold the jump rope and make a horizontal line on the ground. Start just behind the left end of the line and quickly step (or jump) over the rope, and then behind it again, moving down the rope in a zigzag pattern. Once you reach the end, go back the other way.
Boxer jump: Keep your weight in your heels and jump one foot out in front of you at a time.
Forward and back: While twirling the rope, hop back and forth over an imaginary line. The added challenge gets your heart rate up and forces you to jump a little higher.
Jump rope lunges: Do jumping lunges as usual but add in a twirl of the rope while in the air. The fear of hitting the rope keeps your jumps high and prevents resting on the landing.

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