Is This the Riskiest Thing Ever Done at a Marathon?

We commend anyone who can run 26.2 miles, but Hyvon Ngetich's determination to finish may have put her at serious risk.

How to Track Your Fitness for Free

If you're reading this on your phone, you're already holding everything you need.

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The Best 10 Races for Newbie Runners

Looking to tackle your first 5k or more? Check out the best courses in America for first-timers.

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4 Mental Running Tips from Usain Bolt

The fastest man in the world shares running wisdom with us mere mortals.

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Run a 5K Faster By Listening to This Type of Music

Music can help you score a PR, but only if you're running to the right tunes! Find out what to download now.

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Tap Into Your Intuition for Better Workout Results

Your gut is great at measuring workout intensity, says a new study. Harness that power for more payoff at the gym.

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Shape Diva Dash 2015 Teams Up with Girls on the Run

Find out more about the organization that gives young girls the tools to reach their full health and fitness potential.

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Sign Up for Shape's Diva Dash 2015 Now!

This year we've teamed up with Girls on the Run, to make our women-only obstacle adventure run better than ever!

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15 Annoying and Rude Running Habits to Break

It’s a crowded course out there. Follow these rules of the road to keep the peace while pounding the pavement

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