Is Hotter Always Better?

When it comes to fitness, many exercise studios are turning up the heat—literally. Here, the real deal on hot workout classes.

A Sweet Reason to Sweat

See how cardio and resistance training can help counteract the negative effects of too much sugar.

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Top Running Tips from One of the Fastest Female Marathoners on Earth

Steal these mental tricks from Shalane Flanagan to stay on track with your training during colder months.

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10 Ways to Power Through Your Winter Run

Don’t let frigid temps stop you from getting the most out of a workout!

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Is It Safe to Run Every Day?

Experts explain how to make this winter weight-loss strategy a healthy—not harmful—habit.

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Best New Fitness Trackers

New bands are constantly hitting the market. Which ones are worth your cash?

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The Most Stunning Places to Break a Sweat

Forget your spare, sweat-spattered home gym. These gorgeous fitness centers will take your breath away—and not just while you’re on the treadmill.

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A Brand New Way to Do HIIT

Get more bang for your exercise buck by learning how to do strength training intervals.

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Your Cold-Weather Cycling Guide

Don't put your bike in storage till spring. Follow these pro-cyclist tips for biking through plunging temps and slushy conditions.

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