Get Inspired to Go Mountain Biking

You'll want to blaze a new trail in your fitness routine after watching our editor-at-large's mountain biking adventure.


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Behind the Scenes at the SHAPE Diva Dash!

Our editor-at-large takes you to the obstacle course run to show you how to get a great workout while having a blast.

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Blast 300 Calories on the Rowing Machine

Got 30 minutes? Use them to torch fat and sculpt every inch with this high-intensity plan.

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A Cardio Workout That's Better Than the Treadmill

Trade your boring run for this fast, fat-burning session!

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Win Free Entry to a Rock 'n' Roll Full or Half-Marathon!

Join our #Runcation Twitter chat for a chance to win free entry to the once-in-a-lifetime Las Vegas race.

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Torch 150 Calories in 15 Just Minutes!

Keep this plyometrics routine in your repertoire and that to-do list will never get in the way of a sweat session again.

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Commuter Bikes Under $500!

Cruise to work, the market, or to meet a friend on one of these stylish, affordable rides.

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7 Tricks to Make Running More Fun

Try these creative tips to ditch the dread and up the fun factor of your next run.

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Nighttime Running Gear

We've come a long way since orange neon vests. These fresh takes on reflective gear are guranteed to keep you safe (and stylish) after dark.

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