The Fastest Possible Marathon Times, According to Science

It's the battle of the sexes: men may run faster, but women run harder.

Fitness Technology Is Owning CES

Technology that can make you ride better, track smarter, and look sharper

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Cycling Is About to Get Its Moment in the Spotlight

All the cool girls are doing it. Here's why you should care.

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How Working Out Helps Lower Alcoholism Risk

Working out this much helps lower your risk of alcohol abuse—despite genetics.

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Hilarious Meghan Trainor Parody Video Captures Struggle of New Year's Fitness Goals

If you made a resolution to get fit or eat healthier, this video will make you feel your pain is understood.

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7 Fresh Cycling Class Trends

Cycling classes are getting a makeover, helping re-energize riders and speed up results. Keep an eye out for these cycling class trends that may come to a studio or gym near you

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#showusyouroutFIT on Instagram and you could appear on!

Your workout clothes could motivate you to move. Find out why, then share your favorite gear!

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10 Running Resolutions for the New Year

Set the right goals and you'll run faster, train smarter, and have more fun hitting the pavement this year.

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How Long Can You Go Without the Gym Before Your Fitness Levels Suffer?

Sure, you're busy, but you may rethink skipping workouts after you hear how quickly your body reverts back to its unfit state.

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