Shape Diva Dash 2015 Teams Up with Girls on the Run

Find out more about the organization that gives young girls the tools to reach their full health and fitness potential.

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This year we've teamed up with Girls on the Run, to make our women-only obstacle adventure run better than ever!

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15 Annoying and Rude Running Habits to Break

It’s a crowded course out there. Follow these rules of the road to keep the peace while pounding the pavement

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26 Race Signs to Keep You Motivated for 26(.2) Miles

Studies show that positive messages can help you run faster—these signs from marathons around the country prove it.

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How to Set a Fitness World Record

Trail runners are blazing their own routes (and scoring fastest known times). You can too! Here's how.

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The Ultimate Guide to Running With Your Dog

Four-legged friends can be great running buddies. Read up on the essentials to keep them healthy and happy on the road.

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What Makes You a Runner?

Hitting the pavement isn’t just about how fast you are. It’s time to redefine what it means to be a runner.

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These Hypnotic Workouts Will Transport You

New fitness classes use bright lights, imagery, and visual projections to enhance your workout.

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7 Winter Running Tips From Professional Marathoners

Elite runners and pro coaches share their top strategies for training through winter's toughest conditions.

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