Expiration Date: Extend the Life Span of Your Fitness Gear

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Expiration Date: Extend the Life Span of Your Fitness Gear

running shoesWorkout Gear: Sports Bra

Life span: 6 months to a year
The longevity of a sports bra varies based on the amount of wear, intensity of workouts and whether or not you rotate your bras, says Alma Androvic, designer of the new Nike Rebel Bra. "If you're wearing the same bra for three to four workouts a week, you should replace it every six months to ensure the best support."

When to replace: Buy a new sports bra if you experience bouncing, the cups have become lax and are too big, or the band rides up in the back indicating that the bra is loose. "Once the fabric has lost its stretch and recovery—meaning that when it stretches it doesn't bounce back—it is time to get a new bra," adds Cassandra Sze, innovation designer for Lululemon apparel.

How to make it last: "For bras that come with hooks, it is best to put the hooks on the loosest setting when you first wear it, as this will allow you to tighten it as the bra begins to stretch out," says Sze. She recommends choosing bras that are hot wash and dryer friendly. "Choose a detergent that does not contain fabric softener, as this will prevent the fabric from wicking away sweat properly." Rotating your sports bras—rather than wearing the same one every sweat session—will also make them last longer.

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