Build Strength to the Beat

Give your weight routine a boost with music that matches your rep speed.

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Make Your Workout More Fun!

10 up-tempo tracks to help you cover more miles in the same amount of time.

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The Ultimate Power Walking Playlist

Get motivated to move with this powered-up playlist perfect for speed walking.

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10 Remixes to Refresh Your Playlist

Give your favorite tracks a second wind with this remix round-up.

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The Ultimate Britney Workout Playlist

10 electrifying tracks guaranteed to keep you going strong (and singing along) at the gym.

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SHAPE Cover Model Workout Playlist

A collection of pumped-up hits from talented singers who've graced our cover.

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New Month, New Playlist

10 songs gym goers are loving this month. Did your favorite artist make the list?

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Running Music That's Not On the Radio

Freshen up your playlist with some songs from beyond the Top 40.

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10 Songs to Rock Your Ride

Use this cycling playlist to find music that matches your speed exactly.

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