Olivia Wilde's Dance Workout Playlist

If these jams help Wilde get in the zone, of course we're pressing play.

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10 Songs to Soundtrack Your Spring Workouts

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The Ultimate Iggy Azalea Workout Playlist

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"Uptown Funk" Playlist for the Gym

Funk up your workouts with contemporary and throwback tracks that rival Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' global hit.

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10 New Songs for Your March Workouts

Check out every workout song you need to hear this month—including Yellow Claw, Maroon 5, and more—in this upbeat lineup.

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10 Songs to Match Any Barre Workout

Raise the "barre" on your workout with a playlist that draws on as many styles and tempos as the exercises do.

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10 Songs to Fast Track Your February Workouts

Supercharge your sweat sesh with new singles and remixes from Gwen Stefani, Fall Out Boy, JLo, David Guetta, and more on this Top 10 playlist.

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10 Modern Love Songs for Valentine's Day Workouts

Work out—or make out—to this rousing, romantic playlist of songs that'll get your heart pumping.

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