The Best Advice On ... Running/Walking

13. Loosen up. De-clenching your fists will prevent you from tensing up your arms, which can stress your upper back and shoulders. Pretend you're holding a butterfly in each hand: Close your fingers to keep it from flying away, but gently enough that you don't crush it. (April 1994)

14. Write it down. Keep track of your runs -- the distance, route, everything! Experts believe that, just like keeping a food journal improves your diet, tracking your workouts helps you stick with exercise. (Jan. 2001)

15. Move it like you mean it. Walk like you're late for an appointment. Move quickly enough to cover a mile in 15-20 minutes -- that's a moderate pace. (Aug. 1988)

16. Run (or walk) for the hills! You burn 25-40 percent more calories -- and increase your stamina -- by walking or running on inclines than you do treading on flat surfaces. Add short hills (50-100 yards) to your usual route or increase the incline on the treadmill. (June 1992)

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