12 Triathlon Training Tips for the First-Time Triathlete

Experts share their tips to help you conquer your first triathlon with confidence.

What Training for a Bikini Competition Is Really Like

A four-time winner shares her diet and fitness plan—and damn is it strict!

Your Spring Running Guide

Perfect your stride this running season with workouts, injury prevention tips, healthy eating advice, and everything else you need to ramp up your training.

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New York Road Runners' Half-Marathon Training Plan

Get race-ready in just 10 weeks with this official training schedule from the esteemed running organization.

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The 5K Race and Obstacle Course Made Just For You

Dotted with a dozen fun obstacles sure to challenge your agility, balance, strength, and speed, the SHAPE Diva Dash is one race you'll want to sign up for.

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Nike's 14-Day 'Be a Better Athlete' Training Plan

Are you a runner who shuns strength training? A gym rat who hates cardio? Follow this exclusive two-week training plan to become stronger, faster, and fitter.

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The Beginner Runner's 5K Training Plan

If running even one mile sounds intimidating, follow this simple plan to get ready to rock your first 5K!

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5 Workouts to Accomplish Any Fitness Goal

All you need are four basic exercises—if you put them together in the right way. Customize your plan here.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Track Workout

That big red oval isn't just for high school hurdlers—it's also the perfect place to prepare for a PR at any race.

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