5 Weeks to a 5K

This easy plan, designed by Jeff Gaudette, head coach for RunnersConnect in Boston, will get you race-ready fast. (Not the competitive type? Just call it your “5 Weeks to a Hot Body” program instead.) The running sessions may be done outdoors or on a treadmill.

Running a Farther Distance?
Stick with it for a few more weeks and make your high-mileage dreams come true.

To do a 10K…. Repeat weeks 1 through 5 from the plan below, adding 1 mile to every workout.

For a half marathon… Follow the 10K directions, then repeat it, adding an additional mile to every workout.

Race Training Lingo:
Cross training: Do any cardio activity, except running, for 30 to 45 minutes. Hiking, the elliptical, stair climbing, swimming, and biking are all great choices.
Distance workout: Run far at a moderate pace, which increases your endurance.
Recover: Walk or jog at an easy pace.
Rest day: No workout.
Run-walk: Run at an easy pace, and walk when you need to catch your breath.
Speed Workout: Run a short distance fast, recover, then repeat. This type of training increases your quickness and endurance.
Strength training: Do 1 or 2 sets of a resistance move for every major muscle group. (Find a plan here.)
Stride: Run fast (not quite a sprint) for a short distance. 
Tempo workout: Run at a steady, moderately hard intensity for the entire session. It increases the amount of time you can spend moving fast.

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