Cold Weather Biking: Cycle Your Way Slim

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Cold Weather Biking

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Cold Weather Biking: Cycle Your Way Slim

If you're exercising outdoors during the cold months, you need to be prepared for the weather. One of the benefits of burning calories by biking in the winter is that bike traffic is limited, but dressing for the elements can be challenging. You might face high speeds, slick ground, and brutal headwinds. Before you head outside for a ride, make sure you're wearing the right gear.

Cold Weather Biking Tip: Don't Overdress

Many people make the mistake of prepping for winter cycling by piling on too many layers. When you first get on the bike, keep in mind that your body isn't warmed up yet, so you should feel slightly cold. After 10 minutes, your body will start to warm up.

Cold Weather Biking Tip: Layer

There's a science to layering properly. The first layer of your winter workout clothes should have moisture-wicking capabilities that keep your body dry and warm—stay away from cotton. Your final layer (or outer shell) should be wind resistant. Look for a sturdy fabric like nylon to keep water out. You'll also want your winter cycling clothing to have vents at the side. If at any point your body starts to shiver, stop your winter cycling routine and head inside. Remember that even if the thermostat reads a certain temperature, the wind chill temperature will make you feel colder.

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