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Even if you've never considered yourself capable of participating in a 10K race, you'll be ready to go by the end of this program. Created exclusively for SHAPE by competitive marathon runner and sports therapist Phil Wharton, co-author of The Whartons' Cardio-Fitness Book (Three Rivers Press, 2001), The Whartons' Strength Book (Times Books, 1999) and The Whartons' Stretch Book (Times Books, 1996), the 12-week program packs two workouts into one.

Three weekly walk/run plans will build your cardio endurance to ensure a race-ready body. The bonus? You'll boost confidence by setting small goals and progressively achieving them.

With this easy-to-follow program, you'll burn significant calories, see an incredible boost in your energy, reduce your risk for disease and, best of all, feel great about yourself. Keep reading to get in race-ready shape!

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