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The Cardio Workout

Frequency: You'll be walking/running 3 days a week—either outdoors or on a treadmill (for hill/stair reps, try a stair climber). You'll also be doing a stretch/strength workout 2 days a week, and have 1 rest day, so strive to stagger those in between your cardio days.
Pacing: If you're just starting out, walk briskly until you're ready to run. If running feels uncomfortable, slow your gait or power-walk. If your goal is to walk a 10k, just substitute walking during all running sequences.
Warm-up: Before walking/running, perform 3-4 reps of glute and quadriceps stretches, which will increase your circulation. Follow this with 5 minutes of easy walking.
Cool-down: Perform 3-4 reps of glute and quadriceps stretches, adding additional stretches if you have time.

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