Triathlon Workout Routines & Fitness Tips

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Triathlon Workout Routines & Fitness Tips

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Triathlon Workout Routines & Fitness Tips

From beginner triathlon training to expert: these are the final four weeks of your training program.

If you missed month one or two, click below for the training plans:

Click here for the beginner triathlon training calendar month 1
Click here for the complete triathlon training calendar for month 2

We’ve shown you our best fitness tips -- that shaving even a few seconds off your swim time is worth celebrating, how incredible biking is for your butt, and how it's possible to actually look forward to your workout routines.

This month, as you put together everything you've done during your first 60 days of training, remember those feelings and how far you've come. You thought you could do it when you started, and now you know your first swim-bike-run race is within reach. Follow our plan and fitness tips and we'll get you--stronger, faster, and more confident--across the finish line.

Click here for the complete triathlon training program calendar for month 3

Track Your Beginner Triathlon Workout Routines

Use our log pages to record your workout routines.

Find a Race to Test your Triathlon Training Program!

Whether you want to stick close to home or travel somewhere new, there's a triathlon for you. Click here to find yours.

Get fitness tips on everything from swimming drills to what to eat on race day from the pros at Carmichael Training Systems. trainright.com

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