Training Plans
Run Your First Half-Marathon in 12 Weeks!

Conquer 13.1 with this 12-week training plan for first-time half-marathon runners.

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12 Weeks to Your First 10K

Follow this plan to run a 10-minute mile race and train without injury!

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10K TRAINING PLANtraining plan
Half-Marathon Training Schedule for Frequent Runners

If you're a regular runner, here's your foolproof plan for crossing the finish line faster than last time.

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Half Marathon Training Schedule for First-Timers

This step-by-step training plan will help you get across the finish line, happily!

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Train for a Half-Marathon in 6 Weeks

Follow this effective training plan and prepare to crush your PR at the finish line at your next race.

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8-Week Beginner 10K Running Schedule

Follow this training plan to run your first 10K with ease in just two months.

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3-Month Triathlon Training Plan

Everything you need to swim, ride, and stride to the finish of your first triathlon.

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Train for a 10K in 6 Weeks

Perfect for beginner runners, this plan will ensure that you are confident and ready come race day.

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10K TRAINING PLANtraining plan