Training Plans
Cross-Country Skiing Tips For Newbies

Tone your upper and lower body with this fun outdoor winter sport.

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Walk More Than a Marathon in 30 Days

Get in shape by walking!

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30 Days of Fitness

Get a workout in every day by following this plan.

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Run 30 Miles in 30 Days

Yes, it's possible! Learn how to run 30 mile in 30 days!

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The Best Free Apps for Runners

Whether you're new to running or training for your tenth marathon.

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Trail Running or Road Running?

Discover the pros and cons of running on trails, treadmills, tracks, and more surfaces.

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Common Running Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Strengthen injury-prone areas and bypass the usual running problems with a little "prehab" from FitSugar.

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Foods to Fuel Your Marathon

The fuel your body needs to cross the finish line faster and injury-free. Good luck!

Preventative Exercises for New Runners

Start running the right way with these exercises for running newbies.

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