Training Plans
5K Training Schedule: Do Your First – or Best – 5K Ever

Olympian Jeff Galloway gets you there training just 3 days a week.

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Training for a Triathlon

Prep for competition and shed fat from every inch of your body with this simple 6-week plan.

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Triathlon Workout Routines & Fitness Tips

From beginner triathlon training to expert: these are the final 4 weeks of your training program.

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Get Started Cycling: Top 4 Bicycle Basics to Get You Going

Feel the energy and freedom of cycling for yourself with our top tips for getting started.

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A Half-Marathon? Me? I Thought I Hated Running

My coworkers helped me face my fears and conquer the course.

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Running Tips: Lose Weight and Get in Racing Shape--Fast!

Get inspired to start and stick to your running program with this guide to the benefits of running, the best running shoes, celebrities who run and training plans for every race--from your first 5K to a marathon.

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10 Tips for Peak Performance

Score a sweet victory with these tips from the world's top female triathlete.

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Run Faster! Pro Tips to Increase Speed

Three of the fastest women in sports share their speed training workouts.

Top 7 Ways to Stay Hydrated on Long-Distance Runs

Body hydration is key to a healthy, successful run, especially when you're doing longer distances. Here, the smart and sneaky ways real women get the water they need.

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