The Best New Workouts and Gym Classes

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The Best New Workouts and Gym Classes

The Best New Workouts and Gym Classes-2

Indoor Bootcamp

Where we tried it: Barry’s Bootcamp NYC
Sweat Meter: 7
Fun Meter: 6
Difficulty Meter: 6

You’ll never get bored with this high-energy indoor bootcamp that’s a favorite among fit celebs like Kim Kardashian. The hour-long class mixes strength training with treadmill intervals to tighten and tone your whole body while burning serious calories (up to 1,000 per class). The tight quarters and loud music may feel a little more in-your-face than traditional bootcamps, but it also creates the perfect atmosphere to keep you energized and going strong.

Should you try it? If you like consistency and want a guaranteed high-intensity workout (without having to think about it), indoor bootcamps are a great option. Our tip: Find one that plays music that gets you pumped. It’ll help you power through that final set of sprints!

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