The Best New Workouts and Gym Classes

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The Best New Workouts and Gym Classes

The Best New Workouts and Gym Classes-2

Outdoor Bootcamp

Where we tried it: DavidBartonGym’s Camp David
Sweat: 5
Fun: 5
Difficulty: 6

With outdoor bootcamps, you can look like gym rat without ever setting foot inside a gym. At DavidBartonGym’s Camp David class in Manhattan’s Central Park, we used jump ropes, park benches, and picnic tables to work our abs and legs and did jumping jacks, lunges, and squats to really feel the burn in our thighs and buttocks. The soothing sounds of nature (even in the middle of New York City) are a nice contrast to loud music, but you may miss your iPod when you need that extra push (or two). Our tip: Pick an outdoor class that fits your interests and goals. You can often find an outdoor version of yoga, Pilates, and martial arts classes!

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