The Best New Workouts and Gym Classes

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The Best New Workouts and Gym Classes

The Best New Workouts and Gym Classes-2

Burlesque Dancing

Where we tried it: The New York School of Burlesque
Sweat: 2
Fun: 9
Difficulty: 4

This class might make you blush at first, but you’ll walk out with a renewed positive body image, feeling more confident (and graceful) than ever. Burlesque dance helps you flaunt what you’ve already got—which is a lot more than you think! We learned the correct way to walk in heels to optimize your appearance, how to perfect our posture, and the art of inviting eye contact. This class pushes you to embrace your sexuality—and flaunt it. After all, you work hard to achieve the body you want, so why not show off your efforts by knowing what to do with it? Our tip: Have an open mind! Everyone in there was a beginner at some point and probably felt just as awkward as you, so stop worrying and have fun!

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