The Best New Workouts and Gym Classes

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The Best New Workouts and Gym Classes

The Best New Workouts and Gym Classes-2

AntiGravity Yoga

Where we tried it: Crunch Gym
Sweat: 3
Fun: 5
Difficulty: 8

Take your yoga practice to the next level, literally. AntiGravity Yoga mixes traditional yoga poses with a few new moves to help your posture and challenge your flexibility–trapeze style. Using a hammock that hangs from the ceiling, you’ll learn suspension techniques that will have you swinging upside down (in your first class). It’s hard to trust the hammock at first, as most of us don’t have trapeze experience, but the poses get easier once you loosen up and learn to move fluidly with the silk. Our tip: Wear a shirt that covers most of your upper arms and tight yoga pants (We love these 20 affordable yoga pants we love!) to avoid having the rope rub against your skin. Ouch.

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