Walk Off Belly Flab

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Walking Off Fat

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Walk Off Belly Flab

We gave the world's simplest workout a makeover and created a plan that takes walking— and your body—from ho-hum to va-va-voom. The secret behind our strategy: When you walk at a quick clip, you zap as many calories as you would jogging. Add in hills or stairs and you boost the burn while also increasing the sculpting benefits for your butt and legs. This easy-to-follow plan, designed by Shape's fitness director, Jeanine Detz, uses both tricks to speed up your results. "You'll see a difference in a month if you follow two rules," she says: "Make sure your brisk pace is just that—it should feel so demanding, it would be easier to break into a run— and always walk on a hilly circuit, which increases your calorie burn by up to 50 percent." Think of this routine as your walk 2.0—it's more challenging, more effective, and guaranteed to give you a leaner body by summer. Now step to it!

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