Walk Off Belly Flab

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Walking Off Fat

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Walk Off Belly Flab

4 Tips to Get More from Your Walk

1. Check your intensity: To ensure you're moving at least at a moderate pace, aim to log a minimum of 4,000 steps on your pedometer within 30 minutes (that's about two miles, if you don't have a device).

2. Track your progress: Write down your daily total steps from your pedometer and challenge yourself to beat the previous day's count—you'll likely increase your number of strides by 10 percent (and up your calorie burn while you're at it), say researchers at Loughborough University in England.

3. Take it outside: Women who walk outdoors versus on a treadmill enjoy the exercise more and are more likely to stick to their routine, according to a study from Ohio State University.

4. Map your route: Studies show that people judge a steep uphill path to be farther than the same distance on flat ground, which can potentially discourage you from logging the workout you intend to. Preplan your walk at mapmywalk.com so you know exactly how far you're going. (The site also has a finder for scenic routes near you and paths to try when you travel.)

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