Devin Logan
US Devin Logan
Mikaela Shiffrin
US Mikaela Shiffrin
Torah Bright
"If you want to do something, you do it right and do it well."
AU Torah Bright
Hagen Kearney
US Hagen Kearney
Julie Chu
US Julie Chu
Gracie Gold
“I think it’s really been my grit and my competitive attitude that’s helped me achieve a lot in life, but especially in sports.”
US Gracie Gold
Alex Deibold
US Alex Deibold
Wiley Maple
US Wiley Maple
Lindsey Jacobellis
US Lindsey Jacobellis
Julia Mancuso
US Julia Mancuso
Taylor Lipsett
US Taylor Lipsett
Seth Wescott
US Seth Wescott
Hilary Knight
“We’re going to fight tooth and nail, and we’re going to claw to get to where we need to be...we know that it’s gonna be a bloodbath.”
US Hilary Knight
Jamie Greubel
US Jamie Greubel
Emily Azevedo
US Emily Azevedo
Meryl Davis & Charlie White
“We’ve been a part of each other’s lives for so long, and I think it’s had a huge impact on each other both as a team and individually."
US Meryl Davis & Charlie White
Angeli VanLaanen
US Angeli VanLaanen
Ted Ligety
US Ted Ligety
Hannah Kearney
US Hannah Kearney
Roz Groenewoud
CA Roz Groenewoud

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