Winter Workout Gear

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Winter Gear

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Winter Workout Gear

Ever notice that when the temperature drops, your motivation to head outside goes with it? Keep up with your outdoor workout schedule this holiday season and beyond with cold weather running clothes designed to do two things: Pull moisture away from your body and keep you warm. Here's what to stock your closet with this winter (hint: Think layers, layers and…well, more layers).

Sports Bra

Moving Comfort Sera Bra ($34; MovingComfort.com)

schedule Rule number one: Ditch the cotton. Your sports bra is the layer of clothing closest to your skin, so it’s important that it be made with synthetic fabrics designed to pull moisture away from your body. The last thing you want is a cotton bra that will absorb sweat—it's like holding a cold, damp cloth to your chest for your entire walk or run (can't you practically hear the raspy cough now?). Instead, look for fabrics like polypropylene or polyester/spandex/Lycra® blends.

Base Layer

Saucony PrimoLite Low Mock Long Sleeve ($42; Saucony.com)

schedule If it’s below 45 degrees, go with a long-sleeve top made with synthetic fabrics. Look for styles with sleeves that go slightly past your wrist so you don’t have any space between your running gloves and your top (some styles even have holes cut out for your thumbs to ensure sleeves won’t slip up). A mock turtleneck style will give extra protection to your chest and neck, but a crewneck design is a better choice if you tend to overheat.


Nike Clima-FIT Convertible Jacket ($100; NikeStore.com)

schedule The shell’s job is to keep wind and water away from your base layer. Look for light jackets made with microfibers designed to ward off water while also letting sweat vapors escape so you don't overheat in your cold weather running clothes. If your workout schedule requires running in the late afternoon or evening when it’s dark, get a design with reflectors as well.

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