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10 Ways to Wear Healthy Food

Cranberry Printed Bra

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Wearing a fruit high in antioxidants is enough to make ya dance! But seriously, how do you incorporate cranberries into your diet reguarly? With these Coconut Cranberry Breakfast Cookies, that's how! ($75;

Photo: Carbon38

Fruit Cup Legging

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There are two ways to wear your fruit cup breakfast: via a prominent berry stain on your shirt and/or mouth, or with these leggings (we prefer the latter). ($78;

Photo: Zara Terez

Avocado Legging

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The avocado craze started with toast, but now you put it on everything. (Have you seen these 5 New Ways to Use Avocados?) Your legs are no exception! ($98;

Photo: GoldSheep Clothing

Banana Leggings

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If you forgot to Instagram your banana, wearing it is the next best thing. Talk about functional athleisure. P.S. Athleisure Has Been Added to the Dictionary. ($59;

Photo: Been by D'Heygere

Sea Lovers Tee

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When your legs are jello in barre class, it's best to have a smile on your shirt—especially since you won't want to wear one on your face. ($8;

Photo: Billabong

Pineapple Party Capri Legging

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If it's good enough for Rihanna to wear pineapples on her legs, then it's good enough for you. We think these are cuter, TBH. ($88; (Instagram these leggings and you'll look just as fab as these Celebrities Who Look Amazing in Workout Clothes.)

Photo: Evolve Fitwear

Kale Capri

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Because sometimes wearing kale is easier than eating it. You'll get vitamin A by osmosis, right? ($75;

Photo: Zara Terez

Jungle Fever Active T-Back Bra

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Wear these melons on your melons to impress everyone in spin class with the most ironic outfit ever. Yep, there's a lobster there too. ($75;

Photo: We Are Handsome

Mussel Cycling Short

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And the puns keep rollin'! Mussels = muscles, amirite? ($54;

Photo: Been by D'Heygere

Donut Delight Legging

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These donuts are going straight to your hips in the best way possible. After all this eating—er, wearing—healthy food, it's time to treat yo' self. ($54;

Photo: Emily Hsu


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