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Look Your Best and Feel Better Than Ever!

Look Your Best and Feel Better Than Ever!

Here's what to do before, during, and after your w...

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The Anti-Aging Workout

5 simple moves to keep your body fit and injury-fr...

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The Best Mood-Boosting Workout

The Best Mood-Boosting Workout

Because, Monday.

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5 Moves for Instant Energy

3 p.m. lull? Revive with these slump-busting exerc...

The Beginner's Guide to Pole Fitness

Learn how to warm up for the workout and check out...

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The Confidence-Boosting Workout

The Confidence-Boosting Workout

Instantly build self-esteem—and the appearance of...

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Keep Your Bikini Body!

Keep Your Bikini Body!

You worked hard for those curves you showed off at...

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7 Minutes to a Strong Body

Follow along with these quick workout videos to sc...

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3 Crunch Variations to Shrink Your Waist

Sculpt a chiseled midsection with fitness expert N...

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Tony Horton's Top 4 Moves

The fitness expert and P90X creator’s unique combo...

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The Top Pilates Exercises for an Hourglass Figure

These 3 moves will help get rid of muffin top, str...

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2 Jillian Michaels Moves for a Strong, Toned Core

These exercises demonstrated by one of her top tra...

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Bring-on-the-Bikini Workout

Hit the beach or pool with sexy abs, sculpted arms...

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2 Minutes to Thinner Thighs

These at-home exercises target your inner and oute...

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Strong Legs in 7 Minutes

Tighten your legs while giving your butt a boost a...

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Strong Arms in 7 Minutes

Tone your entire upper body and tighten your core...

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Easy Ways to Tone Up at Your Desk

If you can't make it to the gym or want to sneak i...

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Target Your Biggest Trouble Spot in 2 Minutes

Lose the pooch fast with these Pilates-with-a-twis...

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