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Download April's Free Workout Playlist

Start getting fired up for summer with this free workout playlist for the month of April.

Dance Cardio Music: Your Perfect Playlist

Use these 10 songs to groove to the music without even trying.

Playlist: DIY Spinning Workout

Get in gear with this playlist specifically designed for indoor cycling.

The HIIT Workout Playlist

Power through your HIIT workout with these slow and speedy tracks for a quick, but intense sweat sesh.

10 Songs to Rock Your Ride

Use this cycling playlist to find music that matches your speed exactly.

10 Songs for a Speedier Run

Top 40 songs are great for dancing, but not so great for your cardio. Try this playlist instead to effortlessly pick up your pace.

Walking Music: Your Perfect Playlist

With this mix, you can maintain a brisk pace simply by stepping to the beat.

10 Songs That'll Make You Want to Work It

Give your routine and body confidence a boost with hits from Beyonce, Eve, and more.

10 Killer Cover Songs You Need in Your Workout Mix

Feel the burn as Franz Ferdinand, Katy Perry, and CHVRCHES add heat to familiar tracks.

10 Songs to Amp Up Your Workouts This April

Let steady BPMs and songs from your favorite artists be the motivation you need to get moving this month.

10 Race Training Songs to Pace Your Run

Take the guesswork out of training with this uptempo playlist that makes it easy to track your pace.

Power Music Playlists to Improve Your Workout

We've curated four playlists using research on the way music affects the body to help you boost your performance through every stage of your workout.

Warm-Up Playlist: 10 Songs to Kickstart Your Workout

Smooth intros and big beats that'll get you in the zone before you even know it.

Rockin' Vinyasa Workout Playlist

Add a modern spin to your yoga practice with these hits for getting down (on the mat).

Make Your Workout More Fun!

10 up-tempo tracks to help you cover more miles in the same amount of time.

Download This Month's Free Playlist

Can't beat free music! Add this workout mix to your library today!

The Ultimate Beyonce Workout Playlist

The woman also known as Sasha Fierce lives up to her name in this career-spanning playlist.

10 New Releases That Will Rock Your Run

Pick up your pace with this uptempo playlist, featuring the best new workout songs from multiple genres.

Top 10 Country Songs for Your Workout

Hit the gym with modern country crooners like Miranda Lambert and Little Big Town plus longtime favorites like Tim McGraw and Toby Keith.

10 Amped-Up Remixes to Get You Moving

Power up your playlist with these these made-over versions of popular gym songs.

10 Tracks That'll Make You Feel Like a Winner

Rouse your inner champ with this set of hip-hop songs all about victory.

Stuck on a Treadmill? You NEED this Paylist!

10 songs to make indoor running not just tolorable, but enjoyable.

A CrossFit Playlist to Help You Crush Your WODs

Take this hard-hitting playlist to the box with you to help you tackle burpees, thrusters, muscle-ups, and other challenging moves CrossFitters love to hate.

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Ready to get sweaty? We've got workouts for your abs, butt, legs, and more.

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