Boxing Beats

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Boxing Beats

When getting one's box on, up-tempo tunes are a must.  Our picks for this workout include a cross-continental cut from Estelle and Kanye West, a slow-burner from Mary Chapin Carpenter, and a nervy rocker from collegiate favorites Vampire Weekend.

Boxing Beats-2Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma - 119 BPM

Estelle & Kanye West - American Boy - 118 BPM

Flo Rida & Will.I.Am - In The Ayer - 128 BPM

Michael Jackson - Beat It - 140 BPM

Mary Chapin Carpenter - I Feel Lucky - 119 BPM

The White Stripes - The Air Near My Fingers - 97 BPM

Wolf Parade - This Heart's On Fire - 127 BPM


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