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Killer Cardio Combo

This month's playlist is devoted to songs by artists who remain slightly under the radar--along with a few lesser-known tracks from well-known acts.  To that end, there's a rollicking number by Taddy Porter, a trashy--but dazzling--cut from Semi Precious Weapons, and an effervescent tune from Allstar Weekend.

Sheryl Crow - Summer Day - 83 BPM

Arcade Fire - Keep The Car Running - 97 BPM

Allstar Weekend - Dance Forever - 125 BPM

Taddy Porter - Shake Me - 131 BPM

3OH3! - We Are Young - 110 BPM

Ceo - Come With Me - 127 BPM

Scissor Sisters - Whole New Way - 97 BPM

Semi Precious Weapons - Sticky With Champagne - 142 BPM


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