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10 Workout Songs to Get You Pumped for Summer

A playlist based on Spotify's top workout song for May will help you turn up the volume on your fitness routine in preparation for bikini season.

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10 Rock n' Roll Classics That'll Rock Your Run!

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The Best Workout Songs from the Indie Music Scene

Escape the pop music and break a sweat with the latest and greatest workout songs from indie rock artists.

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10 Songs to Amp Up Your Workouts This April

Let steady BPMs and songs from your favorite artists be the motivation you need to get moving this month.

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10 Songs to Pump You Up for Your Workout

We had a Spotify trend expert pick April's most motivating workout song, then created an upbeat playlist around it to get you on your feet.

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Olivia Wilde's Dance Workout Playlist

If these jams help Wilde get in the zone, of course we're pressing play.

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10 Songs to Soundtrack Your Spring Workouts

Take your workout to the great outdoors with sunny, uptempo hits from your favorite artists.

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Hit the Pavement Running Playlist

Add some swag to your step with fresh, edgy tracks that will make you feel like you're running in a big, hustle-and-bustle city.

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