A New Yoga Pose to Build Arm Strength and Open Your Hips

Follow this step-by-step breakdown of grasshopper and eventually you’ll be balancing like a baller.

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Lower-Body TRX Workout

Sculpt an unbelievable butt and strong thighs with this 4-exercise routine you can do outside.

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Simple Steps for Using a TRX Outdoors

Enjoy the bright spring weather while you train by setting up a suspension trainer in a tree.

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The Ultimate TRX Total-Body Workout

Sculpt your abs, arms, butt, and thighs with this full-body suspension training routine.

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5 Hot Spots to Foam Roll Before Every Workout

Take a few minutes to loosen up these commonly tight and sore areas, and you’ll get way more from your next trip to the gym.

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Video: 5 Hot Spots to Roll Out Before Every Workout

Relieve stiffness, increase mobility, and improve your next gym session with these quick and easy warm-up exercises.

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The Secret Formula for a Dancer’s Dent

You may not ever wear a leotard, but with this workout, you can sculpt a firm butt with that classic indent at the top of your thighs.

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At-Home TRX Core Workout

Strengthen your middle, lose the pooch, and narrow your waist with these 4 suspension trainer exercises.

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