7. Looking to mix things up? Try Renew You: Cardio Fusion (70 minutes, $14.99; razorfitness.com). Get a great aerobic workout without that I-can't-catch-my-breath feeling. This routine combines ballet, yoga, Pilates, and strength training to tone your entire body.

8. Bored by your usual workouts? You won't be with Spirit Groove (40 minutes, $19.99; bodygroove.com). Follow instructor Misty Tripoli's dances or improvise your own moves, all to the beat of live drummers. It's low-impact, but it still raises your heart rate.

9. If you're obsessed with Pilates, get 10-Minute Solution: Rapid Results Pilates (up to 50 minutes, $14.98; anchorbayentertainment.com). These five 10-minute workouts firm up your butt, thighs, arms, shoulders, and abs--and increase flexibility.

10. A yoga fan? Stretch your way through Mark Blanchard's Progressive Power Yoga: The Stretch (60 minutes, $22.95; marksyoga.com). In addition to flexibility-enhancing stretching, this is a challenging, heart-pounding workout. --reporting by teri hanson

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