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The 20-Minute Total Package Workout
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The 20-Minute Total Package Workout

'Tis the season of overflowing to-do lists, but you don't have to sacrifice your workout during the holidays. Follow our Black Friday Fitness program and toss that 'but-I-can't-get-a-good-workout-in-under-a-half-hour' excuse out the window. Every Friday for the next five weeks, we'll release a new efficient and super effective routine to help you stay on track. The following routine is the first installment of the program, and it combines calorie-blasting cardio intervals and metabolism-revving strength moves in a time-based circuit, which means you'll be done in 20-minutes flat—we promise.

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How it works: After the warm-up, complete the three exercises in each circuit back-to-back twice through before moving onto the next circuit. End with the final calf side stretch. Do as many reps as possible (AMRAP) with good form for one minute, resting as needed.
You will need: Free weights
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