5 Moves for Firm, Flexible Hamstrings

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5 Moves for Firm, Flexible Hamstrings

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5 Moves for Firm, Flexible Hamstrings

4. Plank Dumbbell Hamstring Curl
Body Part: Back, Shoulders, Butt, Abs, Hamstrings, Legs
Equipment: 5- 10-pound dumbbells
Repetitions: 12-15
a) Kneel with palms on ground, arms straight, wrists in line with shoulders. Hold a dumbbell behind right knee by squeezing calf against it. Straighten left leg behind you, balancing on the ball of left foot, and contract abs so body forms a straight line from head to left heel.
b) Maintaining this position, lift right knee up to hip height. Lower and lift knee for all reps; switch legs.
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5. Seated Hamstring Stretch
Body Part: Back, Hamstrings
Equipment: Balance Ball, Resistance Band
a) Sit on ball with hands on thighs, knees bent and aligned with ankles, then straighten one leg, toes up, heel on floor.
b) Inhale as you push ball back wutt buttocks and lengthen spine, then exhance as you hinge forward from hips toward extended leg until you feel a stretch in your hamstrings.
c) Hold for at least 30 seconds, then bring torso up and repeat with opposite leg.
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