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6 Easy Moves for Gorgeous Gams
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6 Easy Moves for Gorgeous Gams

It's hard to feel attractive when you're wobbling in your shoes—and the more often you sport those spikes, the greater the damage they do to your body. Women who regularly wear high heels walk with their feet in a perpetually flexed position, which shortens their calves and strains their legs. This results in stiffness and pain, plus ups the risk of injury. But you don't have to lay off the Louboutins!

"Strengthening your core, butt, and legs will help ease some of the pressure that these shoes put on your ankles and back," says Carol Johnson, a Stiletto Strength class instructor at Crunch gym in New York City, who designed this plan. It will also improve your posture and stability, making it easier to walk in high heels. Crank out these moves three times a week and you'll be struttin' your stuff—comfortably—in no time.

How it works: Do 1 set of each move in order without resting in between. Repeat the entire circuit twice more.
You will need: Body Bar
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